Residential Cooling

Residential CoolingAre you unable to enjoy your patio, pool or yard areas during the summer?. Does your pets and plants suffer due to intense heat?. If you answer yes to one or all the above questions, then please check CalCool residential cooling system. Our customers are getting a new life style in the summer's heat by using our system. Now, customers are staying cool around their pools and patios in a happy and healthy environment through the summer.


System Benefits:

Residential Cooling
  • Reduce outdoor temperatures up to 30F
  • Create unique outdoor landscapes with fog effects
  • Expand living areas to enjoy the outdoors all years
  • Attract attention from passing traffic
  • Control dust and flying insects
  • Reduce the use of air conditioning, which lower energy costs
  • Create cleaner air environment
  • Enjoy low maintenance and fully serviceable systems
  • Customizable system with many convenient options

Important Features:

Residential Cooling
  • Installation during construction or retrofit to any structure
  • Custom designed system ensure efficient operation
  • Industrial quality equipment is used for residents
  • Standard filtration system helps prevents clogging
  • Highest quality type 316 stainless steel construction
  • Durable powder coat treatment is available in any color
  • Certified installers are factory-trained
  • All systems covered by warranty